The Champion 7 Year Limited Factory Warranty

Years 2 thru 7


Your Limited Warranty may be transferred to someone to whom You sell or otherwise transfer Your Residence while this Limited Warranty is still in force. This Limited Warranty can be transferred in a private sale directly to the new owner. If Your Home is sold or traded to a dealership, leasing agency, brokerage, or any other entity or individual in the business of selling homes, benefits under this Limited Warranty will not apply until the Home is resold to another individual and this Limited Warranty is transferred to the new owner.

How To Transfer Your Limited Warranty: To transfer this Limited Warranty, the following must be submitted to Us:

  • name and mailing address of existing owner, and original purchase date of home;
  • name and mailing address of the new owner, and date of sale to new owner, and
  • a transfer fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).


If You move Your home, You may continue this Limited Warranty for the remainder of the Term of Coverage If:

  • You nave professional home movers move Your home; and
  • You tell Us in writing the location where You have moved; and
  • You permit Us to inspect Your home, if We request it. You are responsible for the cost of this inspection.


Send all information to: CornerStone United, 1020 Main Avenue NW, Hickory, NC 28601