Claim Procedures Years 2 thru 7

Call 1-877-434-3657 and give the claim representative your name and address. Claim representatives will need a copy of your sales contract, the serial number of your home and date the home was purchased. Please have this available when you call.

Claim’s employees will ask for your personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) and then find out which component needs repair/replacement to determine coverage eligibility.

One of the benefits of your warranty is that you have the option of using any of the various national service companies, the recommended servicer for your community (if applicable) or the local servicer of your choice. We will ask you to have the servicer call us, fax us or email us the information pertaining to the problems you are having and the repairs needed. We negotiate pricing with the servicer and ask them to bill us. On rare occasions, the servicer will ask for payment directly from you. In these circumstances, we will reimburse you for any repairs that are covered under your warranty. Please refer below for full details. 

  1. All claims for Mechanical Breakdown must be reported to Us within 72 hours after You discover such Mechanical Breakdowns. When You need service, call Us at Our toll-free number 1- 877-434-3657, discontinue using the system or appliance and protect it from further damage. If, after You call, service is not initiated by Us within 72 hours, or immediately for furnace or heating system malfunctions during periods of cold weather, You may engage Your own service person and We will pay the reasonable and customary charge for the Repair or Replacement of the Covered Component(s). DO NOT EFFECT ANY REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENT WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM US. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO INSPECT YOUR HOME RELATIVE TO ANY CLAIM REPORTED TO US. If You prefer, You may write to Administrator at: 1899 Tate Blvd., S.E., Suite 2110, Hickory, NC 28602.
  2. Claim representatives will need a copy of your sales contract, the serial number of your home and date the home was purchased. Please have this available when you call.
  3. Tell Us what Covered Component is involved and give Us Your contract number or the information in paragraph 2 above. Describe the Repair needed and when You discovered the problem. We may require a statement in writing. 
  4. Once We have received Your notice, We will assign a separate claim reference number to each of Your claims. You should keep a record of this reference number to facilitate future contacts with Us. 
  5. Save the item. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. We may want to inspect the item. Do not Replace or attempt to make Repairs to Covered Components. We have the sole option to determine whether a Mechanical Breakdown will be corrected by either Repairor Replacement. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ARRANGING FOR ANY REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AUTHORIZED BY US. 
  6. Once the authorized Repair or Replacement has been completed, We will reimburse You or an authorized Repair facility for the reasonable and necessary costs of making such Repair or Replacement, including parts, labor, and sales tax, payable by You for each Mechanical Breakdown of a component. 
  7. Reimbursements for authorized Repairs or Replacements, less the deductible, will be made as follows:
  8. The reimbursement payment will be made directly to the authorized Repair facility, or
  9. You may pay the authorized Repair facility directly and submit the original invoices, with proof of payment, to Us for reimbursement. You will receive Your reimbursement payment within thirty (30) days after We receive the original documentation supporting Your claim. 
  10. In lieu of a reimbursement payment to You, or an authorized Repair facility, We, at Our sole discretion, may offer to adjust Your claim by means of a lump sum cash payment to You. If You should accept such claim adjustment, We shall not have any further liability to reimburse You for this or future Mechanical Breakdowns of that item. 
  11. You will be required to cooperate with Us in Our effort to investigate a need for claim service. If You fail to cooperate, We have the right to deny Your request for service. 
  12. Once Your request for service has been completed, You may be asked to acknowledge this by signing a certificate of satisfaction. In the event We Repair or Replace any item, We may at Our option take the defective part or item, or may leave such item with You. You shall not have the option of abandoning such part or item to Us.